What's New at The Venue

Paintings & Drawings

of Mark Blaney

For the Month of June, The Venue is pleased to host a join exhibition of stone carvings of Sidney Bolam, paired with a fresh selection of oil paintings and pastel drawings from Mark Blaney.

Join us for a Gallery Walk First Friday Reception June 5th as we kick off an exhibition of artwork which celebrates the inspiration of nature and our human interactions with it.

This exhibition will run through the month of June.

Bones of the Earth

Stone Carvings by Sidney Bolam

The Venue Fine Art & Gifts is pleased to welcome you to an exhibition of relief stone carvings from local artists Sidney Bolam . Sometimes known as the Bohemian Hobbit, creates stone carvings inspired by nature that add mystique to any indoor or outdoor environment.

As well as being recognized for her charismatic handling of her artworks, last year Sidney took it upon herself to place her works where racist graffiti was originally found along the Bline trail in our community. You can visit the following link for more information about her story, and her efforts to bring healing through art.


Grace Butedma Gonso


We are pleased to host the first ever exhibition of paintings from Mongolian artist, Butedma Gonso.

A native of Mongolia, Butedma has settled into farm life with her family in Owen Counting. Her work reflects her life and culture, both here in the states as well as her homeland.


 Join us for this unique exhibition through the month of March!

Valentines Day at The Venue!

In recognition of the season of Love, we at The Venue have challenged our jewelry designers to produce an anchor piece that best represents their style, and expresses the inspiration they derive from romance.

What I can tell you is, not only have they tapped into inspiration, but none of the artists limited themselves to just one piece.

SO! Visit with us new lines of work from Amy Greely Designs, Fossil Rain, Sleepy Cat Studio , Charmhouse Designs and more!

Our selection of potential gift ideas are not limited to jewelry, visit with us and experience a wide variety of unique gift ideas for that special someone in your life.

We look forward to hosting you soon!


2017 Emerging Artist Juried Student Art Show

The Venue is thrilled to have hosted  our annual student art show, highlighting the achievement of the arts programs of North and South High school. This year, through the generosity of our sponsors, we were able to hand out over $500 in prizes to 15 students. The following is a selection of the twop three award winners by category. Enjoy! 

Awards for Two Dimensional General, sponsored by Bloomington North Rotary, A service Club dedicated to high ethical standards in business as well as service above self.

Best in Show-Ben Zumbrun-Gardner

Silver Best in Show AND recipient of a $100 Gift Certificate to Pygmalion's Art Supplies of Bloomington--Sophie Paquett-Subway


Honorable Mention-Natalia Kropf-Self Portrait

Awards for Two Dimensional Painting, sponrored by the Bloomiongton Watercolor Society, a Bloomington arts organization dedicated to stimulating the arts through watercolor. Inquire about the Expanding Your Horizons Scholarship Program!

Best in Show--Emily Yeargin-Child

Silver Best in Show--Olivia Robinson-Boy

Honorable Mention--Jaiden Harris-Pine Trees in Winter

Two Dimensional Drawing, sponsored by the National Society of Arts & Letters, an arts organization dedicated to helping promising young artists through competitions, financial assistance, master classes, and career introductions. This award is attributed to Ruth Albright, President of the Local Chapter of NSAL.

Best in Show--Ashton Courtney-Giraffe


Honorable Mention--Pegah Smiley-Cat

Honorable Mention--Michelle Zou-Chicago

Three Dimensional, cosponsored by Bloomington North Rotary, The Bloomington Watercolor Society, and The National Society of Arts & Letters.


Best in Show-Barbara Granicz-Imre

Silver Best in Show-Sam Mehay-Eyes

Honorable Mention-Brynne Varvel-Tea Pot


Photography, sponsored by Pictura Gallery, a Bloomington Art Gallery dedicated to excellence in photography on a local, national, and international level.

Best in Show-Sophia Marencik-Flamingo

Silver Best in Show-Isabel Parham-Still Life

Honorable Mention-Kate May-Find





Art ShowMaster of Metal


Bert Gilbert


  Join us for our December Gallery Walk feature Bert Gilbert, The Metal Master and experience an exhibition the likes of which has not been seen here before!

Bert received a BA in Sculpture and Painting  from Indiana University in 1983, but, allowed many  years to pass artistically fallow while creating a family, home, and remodeling business in Bloomington, Gilbert Construction.

Yes, the same fellow who may have designed and constructed your home addition, the same fellow that underwrites you favorite show on WFIU, when he turned 50 decided to return to the sanctuary of his youth, making art.


The Venue challenged Bert to create a body of metal sculpture that manifested his creative style, and was small enough and affordable enough to practically become a part of one's home collection. We believe he has more than met that challenge. Visit with us and see!


 November Gallery Walk! Out of Africa, an Exhibition of Wildlife from Emerging Artists Megan Amani Hanson

 Looks can be deceiving.  Megan Amani Hanson may look like an All-American girl but she claims East Africa as home. Amani, which means “peace” in Swahili, has spent the majority of her life in Tanzania and Kenya before coming to Bloomington. The incredible animals that dot the landscape of her home countries are the inspiration for much of her art. Amani’s style combines realistic elements and natural wildlife scenes with a hint of impressionism, making her works vivid and distinct.


“Drawing animals for me is a way of welcoming the audience in to a life that may seem exotic to some but is still the norm for many on the continent where I grew up.”


This exhibition runs indefinatly, beginning November 4th 2016!

Gary Chapman Woodturnings


The Venue

The Venue is pleased to host a selection of works from acclaimed wood turner Gary Chapman!

Currently producing out of Madison Indiana, Gary selects his materials from native forests and produces flawlessly turned works of art, recongizable not only by their quality, but also by his woodbunring and pigment enhancements. Visit it with us this Holiday Season and see what the fuss is about!




It's time for the October Gallery Walk,  the first Friday  at 5:00p.m and we are pleased to host an extra ordinary collection of work from a Trifecta of creative artists!

Ed McEndarfer a veteran producer and instructor of ceramics had produced an exhibition of aviary themed pieces that will delight enthusiasts of birds and vessels.

 Brian Talbert is a talented young emerging artist, sure to make his special mark in the Bloomington art community with his fine detailed pencil and graphite drawings.

 Grant Wood hails from South Africa and is an internationally renowned watercolor artist who will be visiting Bloomington over the next six weeks.



 This combination is our feature for the month of October, and is guaranteed to please!  


Galina Herndon,

a Return to The Venue



The Venue is pleased to host a new selection of paintings from Galina Herndon!

Galina Visited us for 4th street, and left behind a whole new exhibition of originals and prints for your viewing pleasure. We will host a celebration this Friday, September 30th , and we invite you to join us and take in what is new and different. from one of our most prolific artists!




Art & Poetry

 Receptions for Ekphrasis


Paul Kane


The Venue is pleased to announce the lineup and reception dates for our public reading and inspiration presentation from the Poets and Painters of our August feature, Ekphrasis.

Ray Perigo

Join us Saturday, August 20th at 6pm when we will hear from poets Shana Ritter, Jenny Kander, James Alexander Thom, Eric Rensberger, Julie Karr, and Antonia Mathew, reading poems inspired by paintings from artists Mark Blaney, Susie Gregory, Ray Perigo, Paul Kane, James Campbell, and Wyatt LeGrand.


Bloomington at Night
Wyatt LeGrand

On Saturday August 27th at 6pm we will hear from Poets Patsy Rahn, Tim Reed , Tony Brewer, Julia Mary Heimer Dadds,  Lisa Kwong and Rachel Hertz. Featured painters will be Jennifer Mujezinovic, Dawn Adams, Caleb Weintraub, Patricia Rhoden Bartels, Don Gerya and Joanne Shank.

The Venue will provide refreshments in the usual manner for both events. Visit the following link for free parking options in the downtown Bloomington


We look forward to hosting you for these singularly unique events!


For Gallery Walk, Ekphrasis at The Venue

Earth & Ether
Susie Gregory

On Friday, August 5th, for Gallery Walk beginning at 5:00p.m., The Venue will feature paintings selected for this year’s Venue Ekphrasis.

Jennifer Mujezinovic

We at The Venue have invited ten of Bloomington’s finest Artists and ten of our most accomplished Poets to participate in an Ekphrasis. Each artist has submitted a painting, and each poet has selected one of the paintings, that inspires them to write a poem. The paintings will be our visual show for the month of August.

Lake Heartache
Caleb Weintraub

On Saturday, August 20th, at 6:00p.m., and again on August 27th at 6:00p.m. at The Venue, five of the artists will explain the inspiration for their painting, and five of the Poets will read the poems that those paintings inspired. The interaction will elucidate and amplify their creative process.


Weather Report

Join us for the latest exhibition of paintings from Monique Cagle. Weather Report chronicles the effect of local weather patterns and how they impact the scenery of our rural communities.

This exhibition is a testament to the skill and style that has made Monique a collectible name! Visit with us and see for yourself!

The Art & Soul of Bloomington

A Juried Art Event

at The Venue


The Venue is pleased to host a juried exhibition of paitings from local and regional artists, each answering the theme of our show, what makes Bloomington Great.

People come to our community from all over the world, and often times stay, because they recognize a unique quality to our little town. We have asked artists what it is about our community that inspires them, and encouraged them to capture those qualities in a n artistic moment. The result is our show, The Art & Soul of Bloomington.

We have narrowed the submissions down to 25 works of art, in a variety of mediums. We have handed awards for Best in Show and Silver Best in Show, but we invite you to visit with us and cast your vote for the People's Choice award. We look forward to hosting you soon!


Earth & Sky
The Work of John Gould and Lorrain Merriman Ferrell at The Venue

The Venue is pleased to host a collection of work that comes from the earth, and the sky!

John Gould (1804-1881) is universally recognized as the father of modern aviary art, hence “The Bird Man”. Gould traveled from England, around the world, seeking out subjects for his bird lithographs. He then partnered with prominent artists of the day to produce limited editions, hand- painted masterpieces. The pieces in this show are circular 1850, beautifully matted, framed, and covered with museum glass. These works are rare, stunning, and yet reasonably priced. They have a beauty that has, and will contuse to stand the test of time.

 Lorraine Farrell hopes to reconnect with many of her former customers from the days of Fossil Rain, and expose new clientele to her unique jewelry designs. “The metalwork I employ (in my jewelry) is purposely minimal, allowing the inherent beauty of each fossil, gemstone, and mineral to carry the overall design.” Having secured her art education in England and Indiana University, Lorraine brings her vase experience to each piece, capturing beauty while preserving a clear and powerful connection to the Earth.

Visit the Venue and experience these two great artists!

Featuring Al Scovern

 Dr. Al Scovern has mastered a western version of the traditional Japanese ceramic techniques of Raku. Dr. Scovern has also traveled the American Southwest and studied the techniques of Indian pottery makers.  That influence too can be seen in many of his creations.  All of his ceramics are stunningly beautiful. These are your family’s heirlooms of tomorrow.


Jazz Town

A Collection of R.J. Hohimer at The Venue

 Beginning Friday, January 8th, for Gallery Walk The Venue will host a special Opening and Reception for the Exhibition and Sale of art works by R.J.Hohimer.


Although formally trained with a MFA in painting, Rickey Jewell Hohimer, who once called Bloomington home, has used the styles of Van Gogh and Gauguin to reach for the spontaneity and simplicity of today's folk art. Hohimer creates figures which are not photos of reality; they are romantically stylized to encourage straightforward emotional responses both to the colorful images and to the situations in which the figures find themselves. Each of Hohimer's paintings lays out a basic story line to which viewers can add their own details."I want the viewer to become personally involved. My paintings offer a change from those which encourage extensive intellectualizing about what the artist is trying to convey. I want viewers to smile -- to enjoy the whimsical nature of what they are experiencing -- to feel it, not to analyze it!
This show will run at The Venue until February4th.

Indiana Revealed

Oil Paintings


Rodney Reveal

    For the month of November, The Venue has been excited to host Rodney Reveal in his first ever show in Bloomington. Rodney Reveal began his art education with a full scholarship to the California College of Arts and Crafts, completing his degree at The Herron School of Art. Over four decades Rodney has perfected his painting technique, capturing, in plein air oil paintings, the essence of rural Indiana.  His award winning work is represented in public and private collections throughout the United States, Europe, and Brazil.  Presently Rodney and his wife live on a woodland farm outside of Arcadia, Indiana, surrounded by his subject matter.  

"In my paintings, I try to translate my feelings of a place, or an object, onto paper with the same  emotional impact that I receive when I experience it."


Paintings for Brittany

An Exhibition of Paintings


Wyatt LeGrand  

Wyatt LeGrand has continued to garner recognition as one of Indiana's young art treasures, his plein air paintings having brought him recent awards from The Hoosier Salon, Indiana Heritage Arts, The Indiana Artists Club, Plein Air Magazine, and Oil Painters of America. His paintings are now in the permanent collection of The Indiana State Museum. In Wyatt's own words, "My inspiration and drive comes from nothing other than the experience of putting brush to canvas, letting the things I see before me flow from eye, to heart, to hand, to brush."


For this show, Wyatt has created and selected paintings for his life partner and wife, Brittany. Thus inspired, they are intimate, and dynamic, but also supported by a complex of emotions and expressions that create depth and significance. This show is a major step toward Wyatt's ascent from Indiana art treasure to Art Treasure.




The Venue is pleased to host an exhibition of artwork from an artist new to Bloomington! Dutch by origin, African by osmosis and American by assimilation, ANKO (aka Anneke Dekker-Olthof)’s full-time passion as an artist draws from her experience as a fashion designer, interest in nature , and lifelong interest in art.

 World travel has sharpened ANKO’s appreciation of color, texture and pattern, while 13 years of living in Africa brought her an awareness of that diverse landscape and the uniqueness of it’s people.  

In her paintings Anko demonstrates her mastery of multiple styles and the use of unusual materials and techniques to create works that are colorful, dynamic and captivating. And they are priced to quickly find good homes.




Everything Including the Kitchen Sink           

 An eclectic collection of paintings by Brown County artist Monique Cagle

The Venue is excited to feature Monique Cagle as the featured artist for the month of August. Monique carries forward the great tradition of Brown County artists. This exhibit features her acrylic paintings on canvas, with subject matter ranging from Brown county landscapes to the current content of her kitchen sink.

Jim Grabski, An Artist with True Range

James "Jim" Grabski is The Venue's featured artist for the month of July. Jim earned his Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from Indiana University, and for 27 years was the Dean of Management at Northwood University. He served as a Captain in the U.S. Army, lived in Europe and the Far East, and owned and operated a pub in England. With his diverse and rich life experience, Jim has now returned to Bloomington and his first love, watercolor painting. Jim's choice of equine themes finds its roots in his experiences as a thoroughbred horse owner, and his oriental themes reflect time spent living in Asia.

Jim's painting style represents a wide range of historic influence, including dynamism, modern abstraction, and more.  He utilizes color and motion to create a sense of excitement in the stories his paintings tell. He also ably captures the serenity and clarity of Chinese and Japanese motifs.

Life in the Hoosier Hills

Featuring Don Geyra

The Venue is pleased to host artist Don Geyra for the month of June. Geyra earned his undergraduate degree at Colgate and his Masters in Fine Art from Indiana University. For three decades, he established himself as a scenic artist, painting scenery for various television shows, movies, and Broadway productions. Fortunately for us, Geyra decided to return to Bloomington and continues to explore and expand his artistic talent. A Harley rider, Geyra travels the hills of Southern Indiana and has painted, exclusively for The Venue, a new series of works depicting his view of "Life in the Hoosier Hills."

Bloomington and The World

Featuring Anastasia Mak

On Friday, May 15th, The Venue hosted a Reception for the Exhibition and Sale of the Paintings and Giclee Prints by Anastasia Mak. Mak has created original paintings and prints of iconic buildings and scenes of Bloomington.  Exclusively for The Venue, Anastasia created paintings of The Monroe County Courthouse, The Buskirk-Chumley Theater, The Sample Gates of Indiana University, The I.U. Football Stadium, The I.U. Arena, and Showalter Fountain. These affordable works make perfect graduation gifts, and reminders of memorable times spent in our fair city.

Art With Avi


On Friday, April 17th, The Venue hosted the first exhibition and sale of the paintings of the students of Avi Katz.  This art show was a remarkable display of the student’s creativity and hard work.  In Avi Katz’s art classes, students ranging in age from 8 to 12 study a particular artist’s work, life story and style, and are encouraged to create an acrylic painting reflecting what they have learned. While viewing these colorful and lively paintings, the visitors were encouraged to try to identify the famous artist who inspirited each painting.


Against The Grain

Featuring Kurt Larson

For Gallery Walk on Friday, April 3rd, beginning at 5:00p.m. The Venue will host an exhibitions of all new mixed media paintings by local artist, Kurt Larsen. This exhibit features oil paintings on canvass, and paintings utilizing the character and grain of the wood upon which they are painted, contrasted against the abstract style and vivid colors for which Kurt is famous. hence, “Against the Grain”.

Fresh Art from Mark Blaney

The Venue  is pleased to host an exhibition of the latest  works of Award Winning Artist, Mark Blaney. A Bloomington resident, Mark has shown his work around the world and around the country,



Mark's paintings reveal that he is first and foremost a colorist, but with a healthy respect for line and form as well.  Inspired by the likes of Gauguin and Degas, Marks paintings are drawn from nature, and

often portray an American Southern narrative. Most aptly described as post modern impressionism, Mark defies categorization by exercising his freedom to explore color, line, and form, in his own unique style.



This exhibit will also include Mark’s new drawings, watercolors, small sculptures and more!


Marco Solo!

A Solo Exhibition of Abstract Paintings


The Venue is pleased to host the latest selection of new works from long time favorite Marco Zehrung.

Marco continues to impress with his vivid color use and traditional techniques for abstracting space and heavenly bodies. He also believes his work should be for everyone, and these pieces re priced to move!

Join us as we kick of the showing year with a presentation of one of our most popular artists! This show runs through February 19th.


3rd Annual Emerging Artists Juried Exhibition

The Venue is pleased to host our 3rd exhibition of juried artwork, pooling talent from the art departments of Bloomington High School North & South.

These fantastic works span a variety of media, including ceramic, stained glass, photography, painting and drawing.

 Cash awards for artists are graciously sponsored by The Bloomington Watercolor Society, Bloomington North Rotary Club, and Miracle Worker Construction Inc.  Prizes will be awarded Sunday February 1st at 3pm, and the show runs through to the 4th!

Join us for this truly amazing exhibition of work!

"We Paint!"

The Bloomington Water Color Society Member Show

“We Paint”, The Bloomington Watercolor Society’s 2014 Membership Show, at The Venue

Beginning Friday, November 7th and carrying on through the month The Venue will host athe Exhibit of the Bloomington Watercolor Society’s (BWS) 9th annual membership show, entitled “We Paint…"

The show includes watercolor paintings of all subject matter, including still lifes, landscapes, and animals. Many of the paintings depict imagery from the plein air outings sponsored by the Watercolor Society, over the past year. Over 35 BWS members will have exquisite original pieces on display and for sale, during this month-long show at The Venue.

Penetrating the Surface

On Friday, October 31st, beginning at 6:00p.m., The Venue will host a special reception and one week showing of Paintings by emerging artist, Tara Ree Miller.

Tara received her BFA in Painting at Indiana University, and is a second generation Bloomington Artist, the daughter of Bloomington’s own Carol Miller.

 In contrast to her lifelong interest in foreign cultures and living and traveling overseas, Tara is artistically interested in the immediate surroundings of her own home. She observes how people cultivate the items that fill their homes, and the surprising compositions that can be found in seemingly mundane objects. In her most recent works on display, she deals with the tactility of surfaces and the effects of color and atmosphere on the mood of a painting.




An Exhibition Featuring

Tara Ree Miller


Twisted Limb Handmade Paper Products

The Venue is pleased to host an exhibition of the latest artistic, handmade, 100% recycled invitations, stationery, greeting cards, and other beautiful paper products, created by Twisted Limb Paperworks, (TLP) a Bloomington Business.

Founded by Sheryl Woodhouse-Keese in 1998, TLP is now owned and operated by Chelsie Hopkins and Rebecca Horne. who are carrying forward TLP’s mission:  to create and market artistic, superior quality handmade paper, invitations, and paper accessories; To create products with the highest standards of ENVIRONMENTAL INTEGRITY; TO EDUCATE BY EXAMPLE the value of sustainable entrepreneurship, and To GIVE BACK to environmental and community groups.

Twisted Limb Paperworks is the kind of business that makes Bloomington, Bloomington. The Venue is proud of our association.  

Human Touch


Paul Kane

The Venue is pleased to host the latest collection of paintings from Bloomington Artist, Paul Kane.

Paul's show “Human Touch”, is about human relationships and about the simple things which build communities.  Paul believes that as we hustle through a day's activities and difficulties, it's often hard for us to see the meaning of it all, the countless acts of caring and love that build up a community over time.  Connecting with another human being can be difficult,   but this is the root of enduring human accomplishment.

Paul Kane's work combines aspects of painting, drawing and sculpture in a uniquely personal way, sometimes reminiscent of stained glass, sometimes reminding one of ancient frescoes.  His paintings seem stained with time, but not like antiques.  They wrestle with tradition and are not bound by it.  In these difficult times, when humanity seems to be searching for a way forward, he tries to remind us that we have each other, and that's a lot.



Encaustic and Wood

Featuring Larry & Linda

Meyer Wright

Larry and Linda retired for careers in the Air Force and social service respectively, and joined the Bloomington art community in 2000.


 In their collaborative creations, Larry turns wood into various shapes, which Linda decorates and adorns.

Larry's philosophy, like Michelangelo's, is that he frees the shape that is encased by the wood. Linda then gilds the lily.

 In her individual works, in encaustics and alcohol ink paintings, Linda explores the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi.  The concepts of Wabi Sabi touch both art and life. Nothing is perfect-Nothing lasts forever-Nothing is ever finished.

 In encaustics Linda works with hot wax applied in layers and fused.  With each layer the work becomes harder and more dimensional.  The wax can be carved, sculpted, molded, and scrapped; the wax can be clear or pigmented, opaque, translucent, or transparent. In her alcohol ink paintings, Linda paints on Yupo, with results that are spontaneous, dramatic, vivid, and beautiful.


Essence of Nature



Sarah Steffey McQueen


We welcome you this first Friday, September 5th, beginning at 6:00pm, when The Venue hosts a reception and a new exhibition of the paintings from Sara Steffey McQueen.


Sara is both an accomplished and award winning artist, and art educator. She has studied art in the Print Making department of Indiana University, on an Undergraduate and Graduate level. She has been an art teacher in the Monroe County School Corp since 1985 and has received two Lilly Teacher Creativity Awards. Sara was selected as the Middle School Art Educator of the Year by the Art Education Association of Indiana. As a teacher she has touched the lives of thousands.

As an artist Sara is a signature member of the Bloomington Watercolor Society, the Watercolor Society of Indiana, and her works have been shown in juried shows around the Nation. She has exhibited regularly at By Hand Gallery, and The Women’s Institute and Gallery in New Harmony, IN. Sara prefers to paint nature studies, in plein air. She is accomplished in oil, watercolor, prints, pastel and collage, but her heart is in watercolors.

Over a career of perfecting robust technical skills, Sara has also focused upon the spiritual. Living immersed in nature, she has undertaken an internal search in order to appreciate and express the profound beauty she experiences, on a daily basis. She attends to the present moment, looking and observing nature. In that moment, she can see simplicity in complexity, stillness in change. She responds with paint.

Sara has said “I must offer my humble apology for trying to do any service to the beauty of the natural world.  Nothing can convey the experience of the fullness of Nature- not a photograph, or a painting, or a poem, or a story.  But we must respond.  It is a way to say we have heard you, we see you.  You touch our lives.” And she responds with paint, inspired paint.



Hip to be Square!

An Exhibition of Square Paintings by Monique Cagle

Ok, so they aren't all square, but most of them are! Visit The Venue and experience the latest creations from Acrylic Artist Monique Cagle.

Inspired by her home surroundings in Yellowwood forest in Brown County, Monique has committed the beauty of Mother Nature to canvas. Square Canvas.


This show runs through the 15th of August, but Monique will always have a presence here in the Gallery. Come See!

Patricia Rhoden Bartels

The Venue is pleased to host the latest exhibition of works by Indiana Artisan Patricia Rhoden Bartels. Patricia both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Fine Art, and has studied extensively abroad, including studies in Chinese Painting and Eastern Traditional Water Color Techniques. She has participated in many juried shows and has received awards and grants, far too numerous to specifically mention. Her artwork is permanently exhibited in the Indiana State Museum, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art and the Civil Rights Museum (Birmingham, AL). As an art instructor she has been an inspiration to many of her students. She is an “Indiana Artesian” and a long term member of The Brown County Art Guild.


For Patricia, painting is an emotional and beautiful process. “My paintings are my reactions and emotions. My paintings are a celebration of the exceptional beauty of nature represented in vibrant broken color.”

 While Patricia has mastered techniques in oil, Acrylic and watercolor, she is best known for her unique, ornate, gold and silver leafed oil paintings. In these floral paintings, “Slashing emotional brush strokes and scintillating, vibrating colors follow the movements of thick paint applied in the impasto technique, which creates flickering touches of light and color.” The effect is stunning.

     Patricia also paints traditional landscapes and forest scenes, but with her own unique style and flare. This show will include wonderful examples of all of her techniques.




Mac Stevenson

The Best of The South West!

 The Venue is pleased to feature for the first time in Indiana the scenic work of Mac Stevenson.

The majority of the paintings on display are landscapes, in which Mac demonstrates his mastery of color theory. Mac mixes minerals with his oil paints, which produces truly vivid and unique style and texture.

 Mac received his Bachelors Degree from Weber State University and his Masters of Fine Art in Drawing, Painting, and Sculpturing, from Brigham Young University. Mac is an artist’s artist, having honed his painting skills for 30 years as an art educator.  

This Show Runs Through the end of June.



Artful Wood Turnings



Max Monts

  The Venue is pleased to host an exhibition of wood turning creations from Max Monts.

Max, a long time Bloomingtonian, was one of the founding members of Bloomingfoods, and later enjoyed a full and rewarding career as a teacher at Clear Creek Elementary School. Since his retirement, Max has devoted full attention to his first passion, woodworking.

Over time his focus centered on wood turning, and the results seen in this show are impressive indeed. Including beautiful, functional bowls, wine bottle stoppers, handcrafted pens, and more, Max’s creations are as diverse as Max himself. They exemplify his sense of design and meticulous craftsmanship.


All I Know I Am


Eric Phagan

The Venue is pleased to feature the artwork of Eric Phagan, an artists known twofold for his traditional old town cityscapes, and adult oriented, bodymorphic surrealism.

   In this exhibit Eric displays the broad range of his multidimensional talent, from his beautiful paintings of Bloomington and Madison and scenic renderings of the Ohio River including Paddle wheelers, to graphite drawings and ceramics that display his Inner Self, demons and all.

“By working in both two and three dimensions simultaneously, I meld the dimensions and create work that exposes everything that I know I am.”
The latter works make this a show appropriate for adults only. 


Abstracts with Flow


Bruce Moore, at The Venue

 Beginning Friday March 21st The Venue will host an exhibition for Artist Bruce Moore’s newest abstract painting.


 A participant in Bloomington’s 2013 4th Street Art Fair, The Venue is pleased to afford Bruce, a full time, award-winning artist from Indianapolis, an opportunity to exhibit and offer his newest works for sale. They are colorful, dynamic, and a treat for the eye. They have an unmistakable flow that roots in their abstraction. They are painterly, with an obvious professional finish.


 This show will exhibit until April 3rd



Images of Spring

An Exhibition of Paintings


Charlene Marsh


We welcome you Friday, March 7th, beginning at 6:00pm as The Venue will host an Opening and Reception with renowned Brown County Artist Charlene Marsh, and her newest oil paintings of Brown County, highlighting SPRING!


Charlene hikes daily, paints and easel in tow,  and completes a plein air woodland scene, all in one session. Her paintings reflect the depth of feeling and intimacy that she gains from living with the forest throughout the seasons of the year.  As the land and forest are vivid and ever changing, so are her fresh and engaging paintings.

 This will be a fine opportunity to meet Charlene in person. The Venue will provide refreshments in the usual manner, and Free parking will be available in the lot on the corner of  4th and Grant after 5:30.

Internal Landscapes


Juliet Shapiro

    On Friday, February 21st, at 6:00p.m. The Venue Fine Art & Gifts will open a new show of oil paintings by featured artist, Juliet Shapiro, entitled “Internal Landscapes”.

     Juliet is originally from Boulder Colorado. She holds a B.A. in Studio Art, and has studied art both here and in Argentina. She is a fresh face in the Bloomington Art Community, this being her first Solo Show.

     Juliet’s paintings are colorful, dynamic, and abstract, but with some figurative elements. They depict landscapes that only exist in the mind of the Artist. They refresh.

      Our fine selection of paintings, jewelry, ceramics, and artistic gifts, will also be on display for purchase.  Light refreshments will be served. Free parking is available in the lot at 4th and Grant streets. Join us!

     This show will run at The Venue Fine Art & Gifts through March 6th



From Ballet to Basketball, Impression of Life


Award Winning Artist

 Susie Gregory.

     Beginning Friday, February 7th, at 5:00pm, for Gallery Walk, The Venue is pleased to feature the exhibition and sale of original Impressionist oil paintings and Enhanced Unique Giclee Prints, by regional artist Susie Gregory. In a style reminiscent of Monet and Renoir, Susie's work highlights popular Midwest pastimes including Hoosier Basketball, life on the lake, and more.  Whether a beautiful view of a boat on a lake,'The Wat Shot', or a Ballet Slipper, Susie’s use of color and texture is extraordinary, dynamic, and enchanting.




2nd Annual Emerging Artist Juried Show

Featuring Artwork From North And South High School of Bloomington Indiana

The Venue is pleased to present an exhibition of artwork from the young creative minds of our community. Art Departments at Bloomington High School North and Bloomington High School South selected works by their promising young high school artists in ceramics, stained glass, painting and photography, to be displayed at the Gallery through February 6, and juried by Gabriel Colman, Artist and Curator at The Venue.

Cash awards for the winners are sponsored by The Venue Fine Art & Gifts, The Bloomington Water Color Society, The Sorosis Club, and The Bloomington North Rotary Club.

There will be an awards ceremony held Friday January 31st for acknowledgment of the students and their achievements  in the arts.


The Art of Nicholai Shaver


The Venue

Beginning September 20th,The Venue will host an  exhibition and sale of paintings and 3D works by Nicholai Shaver.



An Indianapolis based artist, Nicolai studied at John Herron School of Art and Design, earning a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art with a Minor in Art History. Nicholai’s artistic career began in 2009. In the intervening years he has received many awards in juried art shows throughout the Midwest. 



Nicholai’s medium of choice revolves around the concept of painting on wood. He is both a visual painter, as well as an assemblage sculpture artist. He uses the characteristics of wooden surfaces to enhance his brush strokes, and integrates physical features such as knots in the wood into his creations. His assemblage works range from three dimensional paintings to free standing sculptures, all made from bound wood and hand painted.

Nicholai Shaver's art, despite some vast physical differences, all has the artist's hand present in every work, from the brushstrokes, to his use of color. His creations are unique, colorful, and very special.

 This Show will run at The Venue until October 3rd



Spiritual Adventure
Art for the Days of Awe


Kaaren Hirschowitz Engel

On Friday, September 6th, beginning at 6:00 pm, The Venue Fine Art & Gifts will host an Opening and Reception for the exhibition and sale of paintings and 3D works by Kaaren Hirschowitz Engle, entitled “Spiritual Adventures”.

Kaaren Hirschowitz Engel who lives and creates in Nashville, Tennessee, is a native of Birmingham, Alabama. She holds a bachelors degree from Barnard College, Columbia University and a law degree from Emory University. She was a practicing attorney for over a dozen years, both in San Francisco, California and Nashville, Tennessee.


In her study of Judaism Kareen found a vast array of prayers in the Jewish liturgy. Jews have prayers for all occasions: when hearing thunder, seeing a rainbow, eating an apple, lighting a candle, witnessing a thing of beauty, prayers that acknowledge the new moon and the glorious natural wonders which fill our world.



  Appropriately, Kaaren’s exhibition at The Venue occurs during The Days of Awe, the ten days between Rosh Hosanna and Yom Kippur. In Judaism these days are devoted to introspection and correction, in order to be inscribed in The Book of Life for another year. “On Rosh Hashanah it is written and on Yom Kippur it is sealed”.  Seeing Kaaren’s paintings will amplify and strengthen all of our payers.


“Odes”, Paintings by Julia Ferguson

On Friday, July 19th, beginning at 6:00pm, The Venue Fine Art & Gifts will host an Opening and Reception for the Exhibit and Sale of new paintings by artist and naturalist, Julia Ferguson.

     Julia Ferguson grew up in Oak Park, Illinois, and northern Lower Michigan.  Her favorite inspirational places were the shores of Lake Michigan and The Chicago Art Institute. She earned her Bachelors Degree from Illinois State University, and her Masters in Geography and Water Resource Management from The University of Wisconsin at Madison.

     Always an artist, Julia began with photography and moved into watercolors, taking up the challenge of painting birds, insects, and plants, to capture what she sees as their magical qualities. Always a naturalist, first professionally for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources at the Brown County State Park and now as an Environmental Scientist in the private sector, she loves to create beauty with subtle washes and brushstrokes featuring an organism that may not be familiar to the viewer, and have the piece work artistically and as a learning experience about biodiversity.

     Now working in both watercolors and acrylic, Julia has created this set of works entitled Odes. Each piece is an ode to the organism that is featured. She has created images that are informative scientifically, but also exciting and artistically interesting.  The title is also a play on words, as “Odes” is shorthand among naturalists for Odonata, the order that includes dragonflies and damselflies. 

     Julia will be attending the opening and refreshments will be provided by The Venue.  FREE parking is available in the lot on the corner of 4th and Grant, after 5:30. Our complete collection of fine art and gifts will also be on display and available for purchase.

     This show will run at The Venue  until August 1st.

Musical Abstractio
n by Tinoco

The Venue is excited to host a reception, in celebration of the latest exhibition of paintings by Nicaraguan artist Tinoco. This selection features musically inspired, free associative and abstract paintings, and is a part of the International Arts Program (IAP).

The IAP brings focus to underprivileged outside of the US, and proceeds from the event will benefit the Project and support the arts in Central America.

Reception begins at 6pm Friday, and refreshments will be served in the usual manner.

We look forward to hosting you Friday!

International Art That Sings   


On Friday, July 12th beginning at 6:00pm, The Venue will host a Reception for A Special One Week Exhibit of International Paintings that sing. These musically themed paintings capture the sounds of the lands of their creation, Central America. They are colorful, dynamic, and vibrant.  As you view them, you will hear their rhythms in your ear.

     The net proceeds of each sale of a painting from this collection will be sent to Artists who have committed to spend the funds on youth art projects, in their local communities. This show will run at The Venue until July 18th.

    Refreshments will be provided by The Venue, and FREE parking will be available in the lot on the corner of 4th and Grant after 5:30. Our complete collection of fine art and gifts will be on display and available for purchase.

A New Style of Artwork with
Rod MacIntyre

On Friday, June 28tht, at 6:00pm, The Venue Fine Art & Gifts will host a Reception for the oil paintings of Rod MacIntyre.

     Rod MacIntyre is a gifted artist, from a long family tradition of fine artists.   Rod started painting at the age of 9 and by 13 his paintings were hanging in homes all over Canada.  His early works were heavily influenced by the incredible beauty of the Canadian North.  In 1998 Rod immigrated to the U.S.

    Rod now lives in Michigan, and specializes in semi-abstract landscapes, in oil, that demonstrate a brilliant color palate and a texture created by his a skilled hand on a pallet knife. In a variety of sizes, his paintings are dynamic, affordable, and a treat to the eye.

     Refreshments will be provided by The Venue, and FREE parking will be available in the lot on the corner of 4th and Grant after 5:30. On complete collection of fine art and gifts will be on display and available for purchase.

     This show will run at The Venue until July 5th.

Storyzilla, An Evening of Improv with Nell Weatherwax


Get excited for June 18th for a one woman improv event at The Venue! Nell Weatherwax becomes an other worldly story creature as The Storyzilla. Improvised true-ish stories - you'll laugh, you'll nod, you'll cry, you'll crave strange foods... many short sets from 5:30PM - 8:30 PM Come any time, stay as long as you want, enjoy some fine art while you are here! FREE to the public. All ages welcome.


The Art of Jewelry Design, Featuring Lori Mcdonald

On Friday, May17th, beginning at 6:00pm. The Venue will host an Exhibition and Reception for the Artist and artistic Jewelry of Lori McDonald.

     At eight years Lori found herself mesmerized by a woman offering her small kiln handmade beads at a rugged mountain man festival, deep in the Utah portion of the Rocky Mountains. Her passion for jewelry making and finding wonderful mini pieces of art began there, and continues 22 years and thousands of miles later, to Bloomington and today.

     Lori’s creative process begins with finding a unique element that shouts, "pick me, pick me!" and collecting additional materials that compliment each other, to complete each design. These unique elements, bits, and pieces include natural stones, gems, vintage items, reclaimed materials, metals, beads, and buttons. The result is unique, lovingly crafted, one-of-a-kind necklaces, earrings, wine charms and objects de arte, which are both beautiful and affordable. The Venue will provide refreshments for the occasion. Our complete collection of fine art and gifts will also be on display for viewing and purchase. Free parking will be available in the lot at Fourth and Grant. This show will run at The Venue until May 23rd.


Bloomington and Beyond, Cityscapes


Avi Katz

Begining Friday, May 3rd The Venue will offer a colorful and unique view of Bloomington and Beyond.  Illustrator, Artist, and Bloomington Resident Avi Katz brings his unique talents to light with an exhibition of his latest works of art, focused on cityscapes of local landmarks, as well as Chicago and New York City.

Avi is an accomplished, Israeli born artist, who with his young family is currently living, painting, and teaching art in Bloomington. Avi graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in Film and Animation, having received special recognition for outstanding achievement in traditional animation, from the Manhattan School of Visual Arts. He has participated in four successful gallery shows in Israel and in the USA, has worked as an artist in Nickelodeon’s Blue’s Clues in New York, led art teams on several animated productions and worked as art director at DPSI Animation and Mainframe Entertainment studios in Canada. His was commissioned by the international advertising company McCann Erickson where he served as in-house artist.  Avi has taught as adjunct faculty at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Tel-Chay Academy and Minshar Academy of Arts in Israel, as well as at the Collins Living Learning Center at IU.

This will be an opportunity to view your surroundings in a new light, and this show will be perfect for those of you who or your friends who hold nostalgia in your heart for memorable and special locations.



The Venue's First Annual Emerging Artist Exhibition and Sale

 On Friday, January 25th, beginning at 6:00 pm, The Venue Fine Art & Gifts will host the final Reception for its First Annual Emerging Artist Exhibition and Sale. The Art Departments of Bloomington High School North and South have selected the creations of their most promising art students in ceramics, stained glass and painting, to be juried by Gabriel Colman, Owner and Curator of The Venue. The selected works will be on Exhibit and for sale at The Venue, along with the Award Winning Pieces. This is your opportunity to enjoy and own fantastic art, and show your support for Bloomington’s high school art programs.


The Recognition Ceremony for award winners will be on Saturday, January 26th at 3:00pm., at The Venue.

The Venue will provide special refreshments for these occasions.  Our complete collection of Fine Art and Gifts will also be on display for viewing and purchase.   Free parking will be available in the lot on the corner of 4th and Grant. Join us.


The Art of Crystalline Glazing


Adam Egenolf

Beginning June 29th The Venue Fine Art & Gifts will host a new collection of the unique Crystalline Glazed Ceramic Creations of Adam Egenolf. Adam, who holds a Masters Degree in Fine Arts, has mastered the art of the Crystalline Glazing.

This rare and delicate creative process begins with Adam’s hand-crafted clay bodies, which he makes from the purest porcelain. Then a delicately chemically balanced glaze is applied to the surface of each piece and fired at 2300 degrees f. The kiln is quickly cooled, allowing crystals to form and grow, while the glaze drips down the side of the clay body. In Adam’s skilled hands, the results are coffee mugs, pinch mugs, vases, trays and bowls that are colorful and breathtakingly beautiful. The crystals are holographic, and Adams shapes are honed to perfection. Adam’s creations are all one-of-a kind, and although they appear to be delicate, are all oven and dishwasher safe.

 The Venue will host a reception Friday June 29 and Friday July 6th from 6pm-9pm. Refreshments will be provided in the usual manner, and our complete collection of Fine Art and Gifts will also be on display for viewing and purchase. Parking is available in the lot on the corner of 4th and Grant.

     This show will run at The Venue until July 12th.

The Art of China all “Made in Bloomington”, featuring Yu-Min Chen and Chung Yu- Fang

     The Venue Fine Art & Gifts is pleased to offer an experience of Chinese Culture, all made in Bloomington. Artists Yu-Min Chen and Chung-Yu Fang display traditionally inspired Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese Painting, all made in Bloomington.


     Yu-Min Chen is a Doctoral Candidate and Teaching Assistant in Comparative Literature at Indiana University, having completed her Undergraduate Degree and Masters Degree in Taiwan. Chung-Yu Fang completed her undergraduate degree and first Masters Degree in Fine Art in Taiwan, completed her second Masters Degree at The State University of New York in Art History, and is presently pursuing a Masters Degree in Art Administration, at Indiana University.

     This “East Meets West” event is sure to stimulate your mind and delight your senses. Our complete collection of Fine Art and Gifts will also be on display for viewing and purchase. Parking is available in the lot on the corner of 4th and Grant.




Ron Elkins

An Homage

For Friday, June 1st Gallery Walk, and thereafter, The Venue Fine Art & Gifts is proud to present an Exhibition of the paintings of the consummate Indiana Artist, Ron Elkins.

 Ron received his art education from Indiana University and the Art Institute of Chicago. An accomplished plein air artist, Ron’s oil and pastel works have earned awards from around the nation. He has been awarded the prestigious designation of PSA, one of only approximately 400 artists so honored nationally, by the Pastel Society of America. A master painter and instructor, Ron is a proud member of the Brown County Art Gallery.

 Although Ron has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and is now in hospice care, he will be present and participate in this exhibition, as his health allows. He looks forward to this opportunity to visit, once again, with his many collectors, students, and friends. A portion of all show sales will be donated by The Venue to fund an annual award honoring Ron, to be presented at the Indiana Heritage Arts Annual Award Show.



Steve Conard

Steve’s latest collection, entitled Headwaters, is visually and poetically inspired by the same ideas and images that inspired Henry David Thoreau in his poetic writings. Each piece captures the atmosphere and natural rhythms of life that are formed along the paths of water in natural landscapes. Viewers will  relate to a sense our mutual connection that we have in revealing the mysteries of the natural environment and importance they are to our material and spiritual wellbeing.

Steve Conard has a  painter in Brown County for 10 years painting rural scenes, homes, gardens and sacred spaces that evoke the long tradition and style of the “Brown County School of Painting” "My paintings are extensions of who I am. They reflect what I want around me," Art gives a texture to one's life beyond daily living. It lifts you above an ordinary existence to a spiritual plane."


The Art of Reza Pishgahi

 After receiving his PHD and over 20 years of working in academia in Bloomington, this transplanted Hoosier decided to pursue his creative path full-time as an artist – to fulfill his dream, “to be involved in work that feeds my soul, while bringing beauty to others.” The result has been the creation of art that has won recognition, from Florida to Minnesota.  This year Reza was awarded a competitive grant to create the Public Art Gateways for Bloomington’s BEAD District.

     Reza’s sculptures represent the expressive possibilities of steel, glass, and limestone, melded into abstract architectural designs that represent movement, color and energy.  His paintings are equally abstract, energetic, and colorful.  This is your opportunity to meet this multitalented artist and become a proud owner of his art.




Deb Rush

The Venue will host the first solo exhibition of watercolor paintings by local artist, and some say prodigy, Deborah Rush

With a career as a graphic artist, Bloomington’s own Deborah Rush has now emerged as an extraordinary watercolorist. Her exhibition includes a variety of images, ranging from European architecture to Horses to child portraiture.  She ably demonstrates her technical skills, her optimistic attitude and her appreciation and mastery of color.

To own one of Deborah’s paintings now will allow you to say “I knew her when”.


A Table For Six, and Five were There

 The Venue is pleased to present, for the first time in Bloomington, the Art of Tim Lynch.

Traditionally a figurative artist, this show marks a departure for Lynch, with pieces that aim to confront pre-conceived notions of what constitutes aesthetic beauty.

Lynch’s past experiences and relationships, coupled with his excitement and simultaneous apprehension about life in a new community, provide the unique vantage point from which this collection was born. Combining rich and vibrant jewel tones, artfully askew lines, patterns, and symbolism, Lynch’s work compels the viewer to question their own ideals of visual “correctness” and where they originate.


Manhole Covers: The Israeli Series


 Perry Olds

Perry Olds, award winning photographer and artist presents a selection of artistic rubbings featuring the art and architecture of Israeli made manhole covers.



While traveling through Israel to places like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Perry noticed that even the simplest utilitarian access cover was rich with texture and design, and he was inspired to capture their essence and bring it back with him to our community.




This exhibition will feature some of the artist’s favorite out of a series of 30.  The original rubbings range in size from approximately 10 inches (a selected section of a manhole cover), to 40 X 27 inches, and will be presented in print form of varying sizes.

The Art of Brown County

Salt Creek by Monique Cagle


Monique Cagle

Monique Cagle lives in the hills of Brown County, Indiana, where she grew up. She finds never-ending inspiration for her art in her surroundings and her canvases fill with views of the fields, nearby Yellowwood Lake and old farm buildings.

Mostly self-taught, Monique gives a lot of credit for her artistic talent to her mother, who encouraged her children to be creative in a variety of ways and raised them in a television-free household. Monique’s art focused mainly on drawing, illustration and decorative painting until 2000, when her mother died. Painting then became both a therapy for grief and a celebration of the talent that was a gift from her mother.

She has won various local awards, including the 2007 Hoosier Salon “Best Work, First-Time Exhibitor, any Medium,” award, three first prizes in the acrylics division at the T.C. Steele State Historical Site Paint Out and a merit award in 2005 from the Indiana Plein Air Painters Association.


Abandonment Issues

Junked Cars


Ray Perigo

Ray has long been fascinated by the Indiana tradition of taking a beautiful scenic piece of property and filling it with old, rusty cars. Any number of you I’m sure can reminisce on fall hikes that have lead you to the haunting remains of an old Chevy truck.

This series is both colorful and vivid while maintaining the similarities of rust and fall leaves. If you’ve ever had interest in the subject matter, then this show is not to be missed!



The Art of the American Landscape


Amy Kaye Taylor

Amy Kaye Taylor is a landscape artist native to Ohio. After receiving her BFA from Bowling Green University, Amy taught art for several years on Navajo Reservations. Living among the Navajo culture and red rocks of Arizona inspired her career as a painter.

Amy continued to travel extensively throughout the United States before returning to her home state. There, she began to explore and capture the beauty and detail of her native terrain, on canvas. Using oils and an archive of outdoor experiences, her paintings reflect the stories of memorable landscapes using bright bold colors, simplistic details and rich contrast.  She brings the landscapes that inspire her back to the studio through sketches and photos, but that is a mere half of a painting. The true beauty of her pieces emerge through layering techniques, powerful imagination and talent. The results are crisp, intriguing, whimsical, paintings that allow the viewer to escape into a private retreat.